Youngho (Young) Kim

Ph.D. Candidate in Agricultural & Resource Economics | University of Maryland

Ph.D. Candidate in Agricultural & Resource Economics
Expected Graduation Date: May 2024

I am a PhD Candidate in Agricultural & Resource Economics at the University of Maryland.  I am on the 2023-2024 Job Market.

Research Fields

Applied Microeconomics, Environmental & Resource Economics, Agricultural Economics, Climate Change

Research Overview

My current research focuses on the design and evaluation of environmental policies aimed at (i) restoring natural infrastructure, such as forests and wetlands, and (ii) promoting climate-smart agriculture to mitigate and adapt to climate change. 

 My dissertation examines: (i) the contribution of payment for ecosystem services (PES) programs to climate change adaptation, and (ii) the cost-effective structure of payments and penalties in ecosystem services programs.




Address: 2200 Symons Hall #3124, Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742 United States